Tuesday, April 22, 2014

No Poo Anew

I heard Jacquelyn Byers, of the blog Little Owl Crunchy Mama, on the Adam Carolla Show a few weeks ago. Adam had her call in because she hasn't used shampoo in over five years, and he doesn't use soap or shampoo himself. Listening to this reminded me of how I went no poo back in 2011. I stopped because it was too difficult to keep up while traveling. I chopped my hair off in 2012, and short hair requires more upkeep. Not only did I shampoo and condition my hair every morning (the bed head was crazy, lemme tell ya), but I started using product every day as well.

I've been letting my hair grow out since it was at its shortest in September 2013, and it's finally "long" enough that I don't need to tame it with product. I was also down to washing it every other day without it looking horrible. But Jacquelyn Byers inspired me to try no poo again. In fact, she doesn't even use baking soda and vinegar that often - she rinses her hair maybe twice a week. So I decided to try it. Since my hair is still growing out, I figured it would be a good time to transition it to not using any chemicals.

I last used shampoo to wash my hair on March 21st. That's when I listened to the podcast, and after I made my decision to stop shampooing, I realized that my hair didn't look that good after washing. It felt clean enough and smelled lovely, but it looked a little bit frizzy. I rinsed it the next day because there was some bed head, and it still looked really clean. I didn't even rinse it the day after that, because there was no bed head.

It's in that awkward growing out stage, but it's so low maintenance!

Since then, I've been rinsing my hair maybe once or twice a week. It feels a little…thicker. Not like my hair is more lustrous, but kind of like how your hair feels when it's starting to get greasy. Except mine isn't greasy. It looks fine. It's still soft, too. And there's that bonus of no bed head - or if there is, I can smooth it out with my hands and look decent.

PLEASE ignore all those white hairs and focus on how clean it looks...

My boy says that my hair smells like a swimming pool, which I think is pretty decent for being my natural scent. I'm thinking I'll wash with baking soda soon though, and see if it helps that thick feeling. If so, I might do that once a month. But for a soon-to-be mama, I'm really excited that my hair requires so little upkeep I only have to rinse it with water every week.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blips of Life - Springtime Edition

Springtime demands flowers, and I'm more than happy to give in!

These won't grow in your flowerbed - they're gorgeous daffodils crocheted by my talented mama! // Next to those, the real things can't compare // Mixed bouquet from my boy // Sunflowers, also from my boy

Last month we went to a Dali-inspired chalk art festival at a local art museum.

This portrait took my breath away // I've always been a fan of the melty clocks // I tried my hand at some art // as did my boy. (Can you tell us apart in those shots? Our hair was more similar than I realized…)

We've been making some changes around the house, like hanging some of my boy's paintings, getting new furniture, and going a little decal crazy…

Mugs decorating the coffee station // No kitchen is complete without coffee love // Pink blossoms brightening up the corner // Just in case we forget, we have this over the bed. (For a peek at the baby's room, check out Made Up Mamas.)

These need to go on your "To Read" list:

Angina Weekly? // As a matter of fact, I don't like it at all // A whole volume about the prostate gland… wow // Mmm, and I've been craving some chewy baby lately!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Three Months In

First off, I love that no one thought last week's post was an April Fool's joke! All of the comments, tweets, and emails I received were sincere congratulations, and that makes me so happy. It also helped me figure out how I'm going to address my personal life on the blog in the future, so win-win! On to my monthly goals:

I read 11 books last month, making 26 towards my goal of 100 - right on track!

I vowed to submit something every quarter, so I submitted my current favorite nonfiction piece to a new journal. I've previously submitted it twice and was obviously rejected by both, but those were my top tier journals, and now I'm submitting to my mid-tier list. I said I wanted to submit quarterly to have more time to write; I haven't been writing new fiction or nonfiction for myself, but maybe this submission will kick my butt back into gear.

I wrote 14 articles for Lifehack and had 14 published. I wrote 9 for Wall Street Insanity and had 9 published. Pretty funny how it worked out so evenly! I was also contacted to be a contributor to a new site, and had one article published (though technically in April). The freelance writing side of my life is going steady, and I'm eager to keep growing it.

I started a new blog project with a dear friend. It's called Made Up Mamas, but never fear - it's not your typical mommy blog! The title is short for "We Ain't Your Made Up Mamas" because, well, we're not perfect and we make mistakes and we have feelings that aren't all lovey-dovey and happy. And we're honest about it. So check it out!

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