Tuesday, July 22, 2014

No Poo Update

As I mentioned before, I decided to go no poo again. The last time I used shampoo on my hair was March 21st, so it was four months yesterday. My hair feels awesome! It's so soft, and I rarely ever wake up with bedhead. I think since I'm not using any chemicals on my hair, it's soft enough that bedhead doesn't stick - I just shake my head or brush my hair and it looks ok again. Or...semi-ok - I am growing it out from an extremely short cut. It's kind of in the mullet stage now, but I'm trying to make the best of it. I'd go get it styled, but I don't want a hair dresser to talk me into a cut when I just want to let it grow.

The best part is, my boy has also gone no poo! He used to have dandruff and wanted to see if not using any chemicals would help eliminate that. So far it seems ok. His hair looks fine, and he's not scratching or anything. He's been no poo for about three months, and has never even used baking soda and vinegar like I sometimes do.

Since we're not putting anything on our hair, we can go longer without washing it. This is really nice since the last couple of months have been a bit hectic, what with having a baby and all. I'm not ashamed to say I sometimes only "wash" my hair with water once a week. I hope I'll be able to keep this up once my hair gets longer, but when I went no poo before, I had to wash with baking soda and vinegar every couple days. I won't be surprised if I have to go back to that, but I'm hoping starting with water only with my hair so short will kind of condition it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

First Class

The first class towards my Master of Library Science degree started at the beginning of June. The day before my baby was due, actually, so him being over a week late was a blessing in disguise. The entire degree is online (through an ALA-accredited institution), so being responsible for my work and setting my own work pace is really beneficial. I thought I worked better attending a class and hearing lectures, but I spaced out a lot in my college and grad school courses, so I think it's best for me to have access to the material and study when I can concentrate.

So far, we've addressed some really interesting topics. A lot of things I never thought about as librarian problems. I won't lie - I pictured librarians just... working in libraries. I know they're smart and I know there's a lot to study and know to help patrons, but even just this introductory class has really opened my eyes to the career.

I've visited new libraries, read professional journals for librarians, and brainstormed current issues. We have to write an issue paper this semester, and I've decided to study the equality of access for people with disabilities. I didn't even know that was an issue until I stumbled across a book about it. Since then, I've loved thinking about it because of my passion and last job of working with people with disabilities. I don't know if I can specialize in something so specific, but my concentration is young adults, so I can always include young adults with disabilities in my scope.

Since the babe and I aren't yet on a schedule, I do schoolwork in bursts. I'm trying to set up my own schedule of getting work done on the weekends (lessons are posted every Thursday) to have more weekday time with the family, but that's easier said than done. I just keep staring at him and talking to him and trying to make him laugh... I knew it would be difficult to juggle a baby and graduate classes, but it's a fun challenge.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where I Write

When I learned I was pregnant, I realized I'd have to give up the spare room, which I had been calling my writing room. All it had was a spacious desk, two file cabinets, a chair, a low bookshelf, a record player, and some plants. It gets the most sunlight of any room in the house. There are two large windows to stare out of and daydream. It's a lovely room.

And now it's the babe's room.

It's still lovely. It's cute and cozy and there's the comfiest glider in the corner where I feed the babe, rock the babe, and sometimes just sit and read.

I still have a writing room area. An office, if you will. It's kind of centrally located in the house - in between the back room/my boy's art room, the kitchen, and the living room. Believe it or not, I actually use it more than I used my gorgeous sunlit room. Because it's centrally located, I can't get away from it. I can't close the door or not look to the left as I walk down the hall. It's all out there. My computer is looking at me, my writing books, my tasks that need to be completed.

For just being an open area, I'm actually really proud of how cozy it is.

My desk, which was made from a door, only had to be trimmed a little bit to fit in its new home. I painted it with purple chalkboard paint so I could write little notes to myself.

As soon as you step through the front door and into the living room, this is what you see. This is why I can't avoid writing now. It doesn't hurt that my boy's art room/office space is right beyond that; catching glimpses of his creativity helps motivate me.

So in love with that rug and the colors of the room, period.