Saturday, April 18, 2015


A lot of people think it's strange that I don't post pictures of my baby's face online, or even share his name. After all, I keep a blog! Isn't the whole point of a blog to put it all out there?

I used to do that. When I was in grad school for the first time, away from home and bored out of my skull, I blogged all the time. I molded every random thought into a post that I thought was witty or intriguing. I shared a lot of my personal life. But I got tired of that quickly. I kind of regressed and mostly talked about books and writing. I deleted Facebook for two years (and loved it!).

I share a lot less of my personal life online. I ask people before I write about them on my blog or tag them in things. And, while I love seeing pictures of friends' children online, I don't want to share my own.

My babe is already going to have to deal with the fact that I talk about him online. I had a mom blog where I talked about his succulent thighs, how bad my pregnancy was, and breastfeeding in public. The internet never forgets, so his friends, or their parents, or his teachers and employers will certainly be able to find my blog and read about him - if they make the connection between this blog, his mother, and him. (And if they care.) That could possibly be embarrassing and damning enough without plastering his face (and cute-y booty!) everywhere as well. I don't want any of these posts to come up when people google his name. He can sully his own online reputation!

I had to resurrect my Facebook profile for networking with my last job, and I've left it standing, though it's too deserted for even tumbleweeds to blow by. It's friends-only (and people on my list are ACTUALLY my friends) but I still haven't posted a picture of his face there, or his name. I have no problem emailing pictures of him to my friends; it's not that I think the internet is evil - I just don't want to broadcast everything.

Like I said, people think it's strange, and though I've given the reasons above, it still doesn't satisfy some. It's especially confusing because I DO post pictures of my stepson online, and I'm sure I've mentioned him by name. BUT his parents have posted pictures online his entire life, and he even has his own Facebook page. To each his own!

I don't judge anyone for posting about their kids online. As I said, I love reading it. I just can't imagine becoming a teenager and adult in a world where anyone can access a blog archive of your childhood. If the babe ever wants to start his own blog and post pictures, that's his business, but right now he can't give me that consent.

I'd like to clarify that, though some people may not understand, NO ONE (to my knowledge) has posted anything behind our backs. Friends and family take pictures and we just say a quick "We don't post pictures of his face online," and they either say ok and don't, or ask why - and don't. So THANK YOU for understanding and supporting us with this!

Friday, April 17, 2015

On Track

I have to take a time out and pat myself on the back for still being on track with the A to Z Challenge! For a week there, from E to J, I was pretty much absent from the blog world. Thankfully I had scheduled all my posts for that week, and tried to make time to promote them, reply to comments, and visited those who commented here. But I didn't visit any blogs from the A to Z registry. I had previously been visiting 5 to 10 a day, but that week...whew. I thought I was a goner!

My major project was due for collection development. We had $2000 to "spend" on a collection for our library, and I had picked disabilities in young adult fiction. Sounds easy, right? If I had that money to really spend, it would be gone in a few hours! But for the assignment, we had to have two reasons justifying our purchase. Awards won, charting on a bestseller list, being recommended by journals, etc. It didn't count to say "This book will open your eyes to how people with disabilities live! It was overlooked for awards but c'mon, it is SO. GOOD!"

The pages and pages of books, magazines, and websites I had compiled over the semester was whittled down, and it took a LOT of time and effort. I began to hate sitting in front of the computer because I knew it meant I'd be checking lists and reviews and awards. I didn't have time or energy to read blogs and keep up with the challenge. But I turned the project in Sunday, so now we wait and see how I did!

In the mean time, I'm back to blogging and checking in with others. I'm so glad I did the challenge again this year, because I've already made so many new blog friends! There's so much great stuff out there; I had really been limiting myself by sticking to my small, tried-but-true blogroll!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I could jokingly say that I'm working at a nonprofit right now: staying home with my babe and going to school! Aka, not making any profit!

In all seriousness, working for a nonprofit is something I never thought I'd do. I worked in a library in high school and wanted to stay in that field, but I didn't consider it a nonprofit. I had a low-level position then, but I figured I'd work my way up and make a decent living. Then I wanted to be a music producer, and not necessarily make big bucks, but royalties wouldn't be the worst thing.

When I (partially) worked my way up the ladder at a graphic design company, I figured I'd always be in a field like that. Where I designed products for major brands and sales meant a bigger bonus that year. I lived comfortably at my mid-level position, and knew the salary would only increase as I earned more seniority and moved up a notch or two. I was able to put the vast majority of my money in savings because I lived frugally, so there was no need to make more money or move up - I just assumed it was what I would do.

Then I became interested in a local nonprofit. I left my design job to work there, making a third less than what I had previously been pulling in. I was able to live off my income - just barely - without dipping into savings. But you know what? That work was SO fulfilling. I didn't spend my days cursing huge stores for wanting a color tweaked slightly. I didn't stare at a computer screen all day. I was working with people with disabilities and making a difference in their lives - and mine!

I've since realized that libraries are nonprofits, and I'm not going to get rich working in one. I might not even be able to fluff my savings back up after earning my degree! But I'll be doing what I love... And in my dream world, I'll be running a nonprofit of my own! I'm trying to get it off the ground now, but there are a lot of major speed bumps I'm hitting and trying not to get discouraged by. I know nothing is easy, especially when it comes to your dreams, creating something from scratch, and needing money to fund it!
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