Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May Project(s)

This past month I kind of halfassed a couple of projects... but that should add up to one whole project, right? It was my first break from school where I didn't have a whole pile of other things to do, so I spent time with family, read 14 books (that's a project in itself, right?!), and was out of commission for a week due to the sick. But those are just excuses. On to the projects!

I re-dyed the top and one of the skirts I had previously made of old curtains. The light blue skirt (middle in the picture) is still the same color, but the orange has been re-dyed to be brighter - OH YEAH! And the shirt (top in the picture) was re-dyed to be a raspberry pink/purple. Since the blue I originally used was a gradient dye, it still has that effect, going from a pinker purple to a bluer purple. I still have to get elastic to gather it in the back and make some straps for it, but that's a project to halfass in June.

While I was dyeing, I brightened a red onesie for the babe, then got out my fabric pens and reminded everyone that I'm not an artist. I drew some of the "I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart" album cover. Butch Walker fans don't seem to follow the rule about not wearing concert shirts of the band you're going to see, so I wanted Baby T to fit in!

The last halfass project was one I dreamed up and oversaw, while delegating most of the work to others. I've wanted a window seat in the back room since I moved in, and Will finally made it happen! The room has wood paneling that we're not ready to paint yet, but gets the most natural light of the house - go figure! It's the perfect place to read, and that room will eventually be a playroom when Baby T is big enough to have bunk beds in his room, so I like making progress on it little by little. My part in the project was buying the cushioning, the fabric to go over it, and stapling it onto the board. And, of course, trying it out once Will and his dad had installed the framework. I can't deny myself the hardest part of the project!

Attempting to become one of those crafty, have-it-all-together mommy bloggers, I also made a quick easy craft that you can do with your little ones, and will also give them days seconds of enjoyment:

Overall, I had a pretty lazy month that I can hardly remember looking back on it. Clearly I read it all away. And slept when I was sick. I love being an antisocial hermit, but this gal's got cabin fever! Here's to June being more busy and productive!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Today's post was going to be about taking our babe to his first concert, but now it's kind of the opposite... There's little to no post because Will and I are going to a movie. Sans baby.

I've left the baby either with Will or my parents to go do stuff related to school or research, but never for fun, so this is an unexpected luxury. After feeling like I was coming down with the flu for a few days, I needed a break, so my parents offered to watch the baby. When I came home from dropping him off, Will asked if I wanted to see a movie. It might not seem like a big deal, but oh my god it's a big deal. We've never had a movie date, so that's exciting in itself. And we've never been without the babe to be alone together, so that's pretty awesome too.

The irony is not lost on me that we're going to see a kids movie without the kid, but I don't really have time to dwell on that right now. I have to get ready for my date.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What to do with Writing?

I have this piece I wrote five years ago, and have been polishing ever since. I think it's really good. I've let several people read it, and they think it's good. I've submitted it to a handful of journals and magazines, and gotten a handful of rejections.

Rejection doesn't bother me. I've gotten them before. I've gotten them almost every time I've submitted something. What frustrates me in this case is not knowing where this piece should go.

This piece is part personal essay, part interview. It's too true to be fiction. There's a bit of science, but not enough to be accepted in a science journal. It's interesting and well-written, but I'm not sure what the reader would take from it other than enjoyment while they're reading it. There's no moral or lesson.

While I would love feedback via comments, I think it would get overlooked if posted on the blog. Right now, however, the print copy is just sitting in a drawer. It's a file on my hard drive, and no one ever looks at it - even me. So what good is it? Isn't posting it on a blog better than keeping it hidden?

I want people to read this piece. I want it to be out there. So I keep searching for different magazines and journals where it might fit in. I look for blogs these print outlets may have. And I keep submitting it, waiting for rejection, waiting for no reason, and then submitting again.

What do you do with your writing that can't seem to find a home?
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