Saturday, April 25, 2015


Yesterday my mom and I went to an African Violets show and sale. She had been a few years before, and had given me a violet (that I've kept alive!), so I was excited to see what the show was like. There were tons of beautiful plants, and I learned a lot about how to care for them. I had just been watering my violet like my other plants, rotating it from the window when it leaned too far over. I didn't know that meant I was supposed to pluck some leaves to root, and trim the roots of the plant itself so it would right itself!

I also adopted three more violets - miniature ones! You've never seen anything so cute. But all of the plants were pretty gorgeous...

Friday, April 24, 2015

Using Old Curtains

I've been doing a project a month, and April's was making old curtains into a skirt. To be specific, making old curtains into two skirts and a top. But the top isn't completely done yet.

When I moved into my house, all the windows had these beautiful wooden blinds on them - except for two high, smaller windows in the back room. Those windows had white curtains with lace trim. They weren't horrible curtains, but they looked horrible in a dark wood paneled room. But they were in great shape, so when I replaced them with bright curtains my mom made me, I folded them and put them away. I knew there would be something I could use them for.

That was in 2013. Yeah. About six months ago, I thought I'd sew the curtains to a fitted sheet to make a bedskirt for the box springs, but I don't really want or need a bed skirt. So I decided to make a skirt for me!

There were two long side curtains and a short middle curtain/decoration on each window, so I made two skirts out of all four long sides, and a top out of the two middle pieces. It was pretty simple to thread elastic through the tunnels where the curtain rod would go, so yes, of course my mom helped me! (I can sew, but I don't trust myself to sew anything I'm going to wear.)

I went ahead and dyed everything, but the top still needs some elastic in the back and shoulder straps. The top is on top - it looks a little gray in the picture, but it's a lilac/purple gradient. The skirts are the middle and the bottom - one is a light blue, and one is orange. I dyed them yesterday so I still need to wash them once more to set the dye, or else I'd show pictures of me modeling them. (Except I probably wouldn't. You're welcome.)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tunneling to the Center of the Earth

Tunneling to the Center of the Earth by Kevin Wilson is a collection of short stories I wish I had written. I found it by accident, judging books by their covers at the library. I started reading it in the stacks and was immediately hooked. Wilson's writing is smooth and easy to read; it's effortless to get sucked into his worlds where stand-in grandmothers learn all about families so kids don't have to be told their granny died. There are people with jobs manually sorting letters in a Scrabble factory, and a curator in a museum of whatnot - random collections people feel are worthy of donation and preservation.

In January, Will and I (and the babe) went to hear Kevin Wilson speak. He had great advice on writing, was gracious about our babbling baby, and read an awesome new story. A story about teen girls filming a horror movie at a sleepover, a story that came from the prompt "milkshake."

Babe's name blocked out for privacy

As I try and focus myself back to fiction writing, I'm going to re-read this collection of stories. And, whether you're a writer or a reader, I'm going to recommend you read it, too. Because, as I said in my five-star review on Goodreads, this is a book I'd recommend to everyone.
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