Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Making Cloth Baby Wipes

I started trying to convince Will to use cloth diapers months before the baby was born, but we ended up using disposables for the first month or two. I don't know the reason behind his change of heart, but I'm not questioning it; he loves cloth diapers now, and that's all that matters. It only seemed natural (ha, get it?!) to start using cloth baby wipes as well. You're already washing out the cloth diaper - why not add a wipe or two into the mix?

I had some one-ply cloth diapers from before I realized the cloth diapers you pick up at Target aren't meant to be used as diapers. Cloth diapers need to be heavy duty, and these guys didn't cut it. They worked great as burp cloths during the newborn phase, but since the babe has grown and stopped spitting up, they've been sitting in his drawer, unused. My mom suggested we cut them in half and then thirds to make some nicely textured wipes.

Even *I* could sew up the edges of these wipes. (Though I admit, my mom helped...)

Just a few unused diapers made a nice stack of wipes!

I made up a solution of water and witch hazel to spray
either on a wipe or directly on the dirty booty!

Our diaper drawer is VERY well-stocked!

We wash diapers every three days, so this amount of wipes should last us from wash to wash. If not, I'll probably whip some up from old t-shirts, or even use some worn (and therefore soft) washcloths.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

One Year of No Poo

You might remember that I have gone "no poo" again. In fact, it's been a year since I've used shampoo on my hair! It's the longest I've ever gone.

I previously went no poo in February of 2011. I had super long hair at the time, so I washed with baking soda every three days to keep it looking nice. I used to wash every other day with shampoo, even though my hair looked greasy the day after I didn't wash it - so I'd really only get one good day out of every shampoo.

I stayed no poo for about seven months in 2011. That was the year everyone got laid off from my company and I traveled nonstop for four months. I was able to travel with baking soda (carefully hidden in tiny baby powder bottles) and vinegar domestically, but when I went overseas I scrapped the idea and took the easy way out with shampoo.

In May 2012, I cut and donated my hair, and it kept getting shorter and shorter from there. I probably could have gone no poo then, but I didn't. I had to use a straightening iron when I had longer "bangs" framing my face, and when I had super-short hair I had to use product to manage it, so my hair was kind of damaged and gunked-up anyway.

My latest stint started towards the end of a difficult pregnancy. I was lazy and barely leaving the house, so showering was not my top priority. My hair was still short, but growing out, and I was desperate to reap the benefits of rapidly growing hair that every pregnant woman raves about. Cutting out chemicals seemed like it would be a huge benefit.

My hair didn't grow that much, but I was able to "wash" my hair with only water for several weeks. When it finally started feeling too greasy for me, I washed with baking soda and vinegar. Now I do that once a week, and rinse my hair with water once halfway through the week. My hair looks really good. It's two days post-wash and it's still soft and shiny.

See? Looks good! I mean...if you ignore all the white hairs. Yikes.

The only thing is, I kind of wanted to try bangs again as my hair got longer. I like how they look, but they didn't work too well with no poo before. Since my MAIN goal is keeping everything simple, I guess I'll just grow my hair out to the point where I can pull it up easily and not really worry about style. I miss ponytails and buns!

Fun fact: My boy is one month shy of HIS no poo-iversary! He went no poo after he saw how my hair did. Except he has GREAT hair, and hasn't even used baking soda on it. He only "washes" with water every week or so, and his hair is soft and looks nice.

Follow my entire no poo journey to date!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Extremely Urgent

The other day, I went outside to find an "Extremely Urgent" FedEx envelope propped up against my front door. I had no clue what that envelope could contain - I already have my baby's important documents, and I hadn't ordered anything flat and urgent for quite some time. "Urgent" and "flat" seems like something legal, so I was a little alarmed, thinking about what could be inside.

The return address told me the envelope was from Sprint. Now I was more baffled than alarmed. Why would my phone company overnight me something flat? I autopay my bills online and get promotional emails from them; I haven't gotten a paper phone bill in years.

I opened the envelope and caught a peek of a picture. "Did they print out one of my pictures and mail it to me?" I wondered. "How creepy."

I reached in and pulled out the paper.

An iPhone ad.

Not only an iPhone ad, but the same ad they had emailed me about thrice before.

I've been with Sprint for ten years; I've never had a problem; I love them! But this is ridiculous, right? I know they're a huge company, and they're rolling in money, and they make ads to get customers or to get customers to upgrade or to reward customers. But like I said - I've been with them for ten. years. They could look at my account and see I've had five phones in ten years. I've never paid for a phone - I get whatever is free when it's time to upgrade. Do you think I want to lease an iPhone 6 because it's new and it's discounted? No. My phone is a year old. It works just fine. I'm not due for a new phone for another year. If you have to overnight print versions of emails to existing customers, why don't you save mine and send it to someone who might actually take advantage of the offer?

At least they used an environmentally friendly envelope, when printing off a three page ad that had been emailed to me thrice before. I'm glad Sprint is keen on the environment.

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