Monday, April 30, 2012

Crowd surfers up above me

The night after his documentary premiere, Butch Walker played a show at 12th & Porter in Nashville. It was sold out, but I had gotten tickets as soon as they went on sale because this was going to be my first time seeing him live, and I was beyond excited.

When I was a band photographer lifetimes ago, the group I worked with most covered a lot of Marvelous 3 songs, so I got into Butch Walker that way. Then I discovered he had solo albums, and I got into those. I've especially loved his last few, with "the Spade" hitting me at just the right time in life.

Due to some confusion, Kate and I missed the beginning of his set; by chance we walked in right as he started playing my favorite song off the new album. Can't beat that! We saw a rockin' 45 minutes at least, and hey - I'll see him again ASAP.


Love that expression...


We hung around a bit after the show and were thisclose to giving up when I saw his bassist, Jake Sinclair, leaving the club. Then I see Butch. Kate was looking something up on her phone; all I remember is holding my camera out to her as I walked away chanting "Butchbutchbutchbutch" - not yelling at him, mind you, more like mumbling crazily to myself.

He's pinching my love handle to death.

I wish I knew what he was saying right here, and why I'm letting
that tiny girl stand in my hand. (Yes, I know I'm not funny.)

Did the bouncer just break up a fight...
or is Butch watching me walk away?

(Many thanks to Kate for playing paparazzi!)


  1. Looks like it was a killer show! And Mr Walker ain't so bad on the eyes, ifyouknowwhatImean...

    I hate crowd surfers. So much. The only thing that's awesome about them is that I get to punch them in the kidneys as they pass over my head. That part's pretty fun.

    1. He's certainly a cutie, and it doesn't hurt that he's super talented and nice and down to earth.

      Thankfully the title is a song lyric of his, not an indication of how the night went. He pretty much has the best fans that love the music and just want to have a good time - respectful of those onstage AND in the audience.

  2. I love when performers are super-nice people who are all "sure you can take a picture with me! thanks for coming! that's so awesome that you're here!"

    He seems like he's that kind of guy.

    1. He totally is! He was trying to get away after the show and still stopped to talk to a knot of waiting fans. I told him this was my first time seeing him live and I had so much fun, and he said "I had fun too!" It was heartwarming.

  3. haha I actually did laugh when I read about the tiny woman in your hand.

    1. oh good, it made me laugh too! love when silly things like that happen in pictures

  4. I totally laughed about the tiny woman.

    That's awesome you got to meet him. Can we make this happen at Aerosmith? PLEASE?

    1. Why am I just now seeing comments to reply to?! YES let's PLEASE make it happen. We'll need to employ the power of #yayboobs.


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