Friday, May 4, 2012

Sticker Giveaway from PrintRunner

5/12/12: And the winner is... Kate Singleton! Because who
DOESN'T want to see elephant butts everywhere??, an online printing service is offering
one of my readers a custom set of 250 stickers.

Check out the website for details on's sticker printing services. Below are the specs for this particular giveaway:

Standard Rectangular Stickers
Quantity: 250
Dimensions: 2" x 3.5"
Color: Full Color or Black and White

The giveaway is open to US residents over 18 years old.

TO ENTER: What would you use these stickers for? Would you hand them out as an alternative to business cards? Would you use them as the sticky sister of magnetic poetry? Would you print them with cute drawings or inspirational phrases and plaster them all over your city?
     The possibilities are endless, and the most creative suggestion will win!
Please include your email address in your comment.
Ends 5/11/12 at midnight CST.

*Thanks to for sponsoring this giveaway and offering me a set of stickers as compensation.


  1. Oh man. Since I was twelve I've been drawing the butt of an elephant anywhere I can put it. I wanted to open businesses and name it after the design. Elephant Butt Dance Studio. Elephant Butt Marina. Elephant Butt Music Publishing. Elephant Butt Photography. The logo was going to stay the name. Those businesses never really took off. :(

    It's a simple design but it makes me smile which is really all I care about. I'm pretty selfish. As an adult sometimes instead of signing my name on a credit card slip I draw the elephant butt. I especially do this if it is an electronic machine like in a checkout line at Walmart or Kroger. Sometimes your signature prints on your receipt at those places and I ALWAYS do it there. I feel like getting these 250 stickers with my elephant design on them would be like striking gold for me. I haven't quite decided where I will put these stickers but I might even make the design to have four elephant butts on them and cut the stickers into quarters so they can be smaller and hidden inconspicuously. That sounds awesome. Give them to me.

    1. YOU'RE THE WINNER! I expect to see elephant butts papering every sign post and rest stop bathroom on the way to Memphis, ASAP.

    2. Yay!!! Thank you!!!! We shall talk very soon. Very.

    3. I like the sound of that.

  2. elephant butts are pretty spectacular.

    i've got a collaborative book of poetry coming out, that includes some diy-style jaguar artwork. i would use one of the jaguars in conjunction with one of my favorite lines from the book for the sticker. and then i would give them to people or send them to people who order other books, or tuck them into books in bookstores. leave them on park benches and coffee shop tables. guerilla marketing for a fun little book :)

    1. oooh sounds cool, I hope you do that anyway.

  3. Very simple, a swirly pattern in the back ground with the phrase "get outta my spinway, man" in the foreground

    I'd paste them in random places so people would see it and make that phrase an actual thing!

    1. Excellent idea. Those stickers need to be on sparkly holographic paper so the viewer feels like they're on a bad acid trip.

  4. I'm not going to lie, I would get some made up for my blog. Probably my monster with my tagline and the url. But there's a reason for this.

    So, we ski as much as humanly possible during the winter, right? And so we spend a lot of time on the ski lifts, right? Well, on the posts holding up the lift lines there are all these stickers for different things, shops and bands and website and shit. I think people use their poles to stick them to the towers. And every time I ride the lift, I look at all those stickers and think about the people who stuck them there. I would LOVE to have my little blog there. Not because I think it would get me more traffic, I don't really think it would do anything for traffic. But I would love to be able to leave my mark there, tag it almost. To sit on the lift and go by and see my monster...that would tickle the hell out of me.

    1. I had some stickers made from just so I could see my blog title in random places! You should look into them - they're tiny, cute stickers.


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